Monday, January 11, 2010

outlying many succumb
to an oblivion kept crystallized
for the arm-chair, better than
the wheel, paralyzed forms
reaching stranded lines
of flying mutants in winged,
ringing chimes above, shine
for the heaven within, late
lines given across a crooked
spineless, chasing its
autonomy across chiseled
wooden acronyms, likewise
the inside joke of tempered
bloody organs dressed in
biometric monitoring,
surveillance monkey above,
riding the streets in camera
lucida, melting single sames
to multi-strands of livened
reality, upped to anew heaven
worshipped like a path of
hairless nymphs, freshly waxed
and barren of life, this, the digging
wing of a slave’s martyred genitals,
peering into pools of reflected

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