Friday, March 20, 2009

newly spring
arrived upon
early times,
still days
pass by
me, every in
wind of my
mind tempts
to soften the
weight of
memory, slowly
steadily with
and unknown
darkened dimmed
memoirs, foil
curved across
the faces in dreams,
seeing them daily,
parcels, packages,
run-offs and tails.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

drunk with purpose,
I discovered a cat
the other day,
dead on the kitchen
floor, it was never
forgone with a singular
of self, it was the property of
another, someone who enjoys
ignorance as if it was a comfort,
so as the cat was picked up
off the floor and buried
in a heap of gravel, somebody
else used the opportunity to
reconnect, likewise death isn’t
the substitute, merely a wishful
ideal, a sacrificial lamb on the
alter of memory, but issac was
castrated because it was a hermaphrodite,
and neither here nor there,
in between it sat, halfway
from eternity and modernity,
heathen hellfire clubs rode
my nights twice, and it has
been a grand totality of 72 hours,
and you still can’t honour the memory
of a living being, maybe we never live
ourselves, but mimic the moment as
if it’s already occurred in thrice.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

you’ll be my memories,
within your self-doubts
and aggrandizing jealousy,
that weakness projected
back onto me so as to
not realize the hell of
yourself, me, I internalized
you, brought you within my being
in the hopes that our combined
energy might not suffer the same
fate, fired anger seals your soul
in duality, as if you needed somebody
to never have to live it, to know
what you could be, a cowardly act,
and one that I fell for in many years
of delirium, to escape your hatred
of me, I turned to drugs, turned to
drink, turned to everything and
anything cause the belief in you
made me believe your doubts
of me, alas, a new atlas
has mercantorily projected itself
across my doldrums of narcissism,
I never meant shit to you,
cause you never meant shit to yourself,
and now my sun shines bright, no longer
held down by your dark and lonely shadow.