Sunday, October 19, 2008

after spending some time with a friend,
talking of the value of art,
perennial displays of aesthetic utopia
to discover therein your rhinal philosophic
capability and engrailed circuses,
in our public, we transcend space at every interval
of wake and dream, sleep and
unconscious wanders the minor,
the truth shall set a moment
free of the lie in itself, the code
by which it reaches spectacle, the
screen white as night, she walled
me into security, and a guard
was what became of me,
consuming cake, yellow, fake,
and pouring into the
lake bordering michigan and ontario,
two grab bags and attilla’s chewed spit,
we conferred across an unkempt
back alley parking fa├žade up until
a creak where an old man was drunk
and waiting for something, we asked
him about the value of art, what
he thought of it, he told us he
had three different kind of cancers
and that he was homeless, he clearly
didn’t understand what we were
talking about, hardly a tooth to chew,
I rode my bike home and brushed
my teeth and went to bed, comforted
with myself for being so good looking
and smart. Hopefully that homeless
cancer ridden fuck dies soon so that we
can steal his sleeping spot, it was a great
place to smoke smokes, get wasted and fuck.

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