Friday, August 1, 2008

and deep folds will guide the ways of eternal rejection,
that’s how I felt while reversing out of the driveway
this morning with my mother beside, left to me there
was nothing and to the right of me was a mirror, showing
me myself and allowing a moment of whatever, I sat
back in the rear view, listening for the surroundings to
speak to me in a way I hadn’t assumed, I saw very
contingent manifestations out the corners, they were
offering me a sip of comfort, I made my attempts to
regret my past actions and lead anew, as per usual,
I listened for the first ten minutes then succumbed
violently into a delirium of less epic proportions, cause
unfortunately I’ve lost the ability to intellectualize
abuse as a form of activism, it sounds alright for a
while, but eventually you realize the doctrine you
preach is your own validation, it actualizes reason,
making for demented reactions and morbid
recollections, and I’m always right in the end.