Wednesday, July 16, 2008

winding down the last of the alleyways,
upon this pertinent view of reality and
history combined into one lack
as particularly as anything could have
been, drenched in the sweaty remedy
fuelled personifications of the life
we’ve never led, we’ll hope to lead
in the needy times with red dusted
jumpsuits and iconic memories of
highlighted misinterpretations,
I’ve lied a few and far between digging
for a truth they’ve never understood,
it’s seen in their eyes of judgment
(assuming that I believe in fucking
ridiculous assumptions like legitimacy)
the fact is I’ve lied, lied everyday
from the morning into the night cause
I can and they believe, so astute in their
own assuredness of increased importance
occupied in the pud muddy of their
craniums, that little soup of consciousness
firing in the middle of a drug trip turned
and running, jumping from the first
cliff found, the cessation in the drop,
all these days and nights spent
thinking about the end, now that it has arrived
knocking on my window like a stranger listening
to a conversation between you and yourself
in the wee morning hours amid days and nights
making foolish the attempts to recollect, gaining
a strength of obsession, laughing at witty
efforts to get back into the discussion when
the name your parents gave leaves you in the darkness,
in identity and safety there lacks the anonymity to stare
back at yourself and know you don’t exist, not you personally,
but this thing that isn’t there, in nothing and everything
is escape, I’ve ran head first towards the bloody pool of
my longing, the only problem being I forgot where it was
I left the next best thing, they welcomed me in, took the coat
of skin from my sinew, and left me to bleed, flowing into
a transitional nightmare mopped up by the garbage of my dreams.

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