Monday, July 14, 2008

why was it that it was decided to quit
anything, can’t it be had, paint it right
white and red and black and blue eyes
in the morning with stuffed appraisals
and soot, buckled to the light of day and
pain of remorse in reality of nothing
to say but to expect it again for the
price that’s paid, i want the remedial
significants, i want the reason to be,
i want a minute to minute realism
where i’m absolutely aware of
everything i take and neglect, some
would argue a victimization is at play,
that’s the most arduously simplistic
and misinformed argument since the
concept of race, it’s control, the control
of being that drives the understanding,
that’s all the morning and night
ever said to me, that i’m never out,
and starring into the new, i’ll make the
choices of the past into mistakes and regrets.

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