Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A stranger stares back at you,
one of familiarity,
but so far off in the distance unseen,
what may be, could we,
as it approaches,
slowly facing the past,
slight memories begin to focus the blur,
a memory appears,
a memory of what was,
someone who once was,
staring back at you,
facing you, with mute words mouthed
no sound need be spoken,
we remember ourselves,
we recall what we were
before the split, before the pain,
before we forgot,
as I face the mirror
for the first time in what feels like years,
I remember,
I remember myself,
tears fall from my eyes,
washing the pain away from my being,
washing the past out so I may face the future,
as the water cleans the thickness from my skin,
I run my hand over my face,
has it been this long,
how could I have forgotten,
facing myself for the first time,
I’m no longer afraid.

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