Tuesday, July 15, 2008

so many beautiful things, said, done,
forgotten, glamour of a day before,
but not unfaithful in recognition,
it now may force itself to an ending of proportion,
we’re here now and we were here before,
I still stand up as much as the force of gravity
weighing down on my invertabrittleness allows,
noticing perhaps the reality of time,
but still destructive in the face of the inevitable,
a beer by my side and a joint in the drawer,
some coke a phone call away and a rock
waiting for me down the road where some old
friends leave a chair out,
the beauty of this oblivion, leaving a one day
memory to fight its way through, waiting for
tomorrow with a hint of dismay, a never ending
decay rots the innocence from within,
anger, depression, these famed vices waning
away ambition, we’ll call them all out in a
night of grand tuition, come on out fuckers,
lets settle it once and for all, we’ll bleed and
enjoy it, feel the pain and love it, then die with
a smile that only the dead can laugh at.

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