Tuesday, July 15, 2008

my new found silence,
reductions, a slight electrical trickle,
lessening and then reappearing,
noticed them and they wonder,
if it appears older, or younger, avoiding
strung variables laughing it off, the anxiety
within, but then realizing that my cat has just
shit on my floor because I forgot to change
the fucking litter again, can I still say agony?
could I repeat it and smear it over in large
incoherent lettering masked as expression,
then repeat it mindlessly and endlessly until
someone notices, further developing a theory,
a myth per chance, an absentee marker recording
nothing but saying whatever is asked of it,
it’ll even out the rest of them, they’ll think
double twice before blowing the trunk of
ever pubescent authority, we’ll record
and call, and in waiting, you’ll receive the
answer you always wanted.

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